Fortune suggests uses for YOUR favorite UNIX commands!

ar t "God"
drink < bottle; opener (Bourne Shell)
cat "food in tin cans" (all but 4.[23]BSD)
Hey UNIX! Got a match? (V6 or C shell)
mkdir matter; cat > matter (Bourne Shell)
rm God
man: Why did you get a divorce? (C shell)
date me (anything up to 4.3BSD)
make "heads or tails of all this"
who is smart
(C shell)
If I had a ) for every dollar of the national debt, what would I have?
sleep with me (anything up to 4.3BSD)

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"You say there are two types of people?"
"Yes, those who separate people into two groups and those that don't."
"Wrong. There are three groups:
Those who separate people into three groups.
Those who don't separate people into groups.
Those who can't decide."
"Wait a minute, what about people who separate people into two groups?"
"Oh. Okay, then there are four groups."
"Aren't you then separating people into four groups?"
"So then there's a fifth group, right?"
"You know, the problem is these idiots who can't make up their minds."